A case for no leashes

Some days I just want to tell my dad, “I can handle it!”

I won’t go wandering too far, out of your sight.  I won’t chase that cute tail next door, promise. And I won’t eat something I shouldn’t!

Okay, I can’t guarantee that last one.  But, hey, we’ve all got to learn some things the hard way.

I just want you to know: I will come back.  I love you and mom and the feline fuzzies.  I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to hunt down my food every day; that it comes in my dish, as planned (though more would be nice.  You know that.).  And I really dig my bed, as I’ve mentioned.

So can we do away with the leash already? I’ve outgrown it.

But if I HAVE to have a leash, I like these:

Dog leash from Big Dog Boutique

Isn't this cool? You can choose your colors. Personally, I like blue and maize. Disclaimer: I haven't tested these leashes; I just like the way they look!


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