What your dog says about you.

guy and his dog twin

Who was that way first?

Akita lovers prefer crime dramas on TV. Fans of French Bulldogs also like David Sedaris. Papillon people tend to read books faster than normal. I’m not just making stuff up; this is a study of over 730,000 respondents, and it’s totally fascinating—if not entertaining.

Did you know dog owners are:

•  More likely to be female

•  Significantly more likely to have a private swimming pool in their residence,
and, speaking of that

•  More likely to think that men should not wear speedos

•  Significantly more likely to have bedroom walls that are a color other than white

•  Tend to watch more TV everyday… and speaking of that, more likely to consider American Idol (or another country’s equivalent) a must-watch

•  Significantly more likely to have had a car during high school

•  Significantly more likely to grow food to eat themselves

•  More likely to drink diet/light soda

•  Significantly more likely to regularly change the air filters on heating units or air conditioner

•  Significantly more likely to own a firearm

•  Less likely to use cotton swabs for their ears

• More likely to have sued someone

Check it out the entire survey here, and you can look up what your favorite breed says about you. Then tell me, what do you think—agree or disagree?

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