The Litter Robot: A dog’s point of view.

Let’s be clear: I don’t use litter boxes. I use the good ol’ outdoors. It’s the CATS who insist on indoor toilet facilities. And I’m responsible for maintenance.  CATS as in:

orange CAT




grey CAT



And Litter Robot* as in:

the Litter Robot

The Litter Robot. Cool looking, huh?

Litter Robot with Globe

Today's Litter Robot has a neat globe on the side—to make plus-sized CATS more comfortable.

So, the idea behind the Litter Robot is that the CAT gets in, does what He needs to do, then gets out. No need to waste precious sleepy time by scratching in the litter. The Litter Robot will flush by itself. You see, after a smartly timed interval (altered to suit individual preference), the Litter Robot spins slowly like a cement mixer– thereby covering offenses and creating clumps that empty into the sealed, scent-conscious tray below. Line the tray for even easier cleaning. Convenient? Sure. Smarter than the fork-controlled boxes and much neater looking? You bet. Sanitary? Absolutely—that is, until you’re out of warranty and therefore, according to DUNCAN anyway, out of style.

Almost one day after the year had passed (or three days, give or take), DUNCAN decided He’d outgrown the trend of the Litter Robot, and would prefer porcelain. As in the porcelain tile. On the floor. I’ll spare you photographic evidence, but needless to say, I wasn’t going to clean this up. I didn’t want to be in the middle of it, and have to explain to my mom that it’s not my fault. Not to mention that I don’t get paid enough to clean such disasters. So when mom arrived home, she shouted, then stopped, cleaned the Litter Robot and carried it to the basement.

Which is where the Litter Robot* sits today. A sad relic of an easy 368 days. My mom thinks about giving it away, but who wants it?

*Full disclosure: The Litter Robot we had was two versions prior to the current one. Perhaps things would have been different had we had the Litter Robot with the clear bubble window


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