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THE fox for this hound.

Looking for something to pass the time? Try the SPOT Skinneeez Fox.  It’s not a real fox– BUT you can certainly claim you killed it.  It makes awesome prey noises in its snout AND in its tail (double delight), and it’s got none of that stuffing that makes me so mad I’ve got to tear every bit of it out and spread it up, down and all around the house.  Yes. Anyway.

Skinny fox dog toy

Skinny Fox (No, I can't take credit for killing it; it's a fake!)

Give it a shot. Your parent might get in on the action, too.

My love/hate relationship with the Tug-A-Jug.

Tug a Jug dog toy

The “Premier Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug Treat Dispensing Dog Toy” is a source of contention around my house.  Why? My parents LOVE it… and I’m 50/50.

Let me explain. Instead of serving my lunch or breakfast in a bowl, M+D put the goods in here.  (They especially like to do this before they leave me alone– stating that it “relieves my separation anxiety.” What!? )  So while I’m grateful for the chow, I’m not so sure about this “must work for my food” business.  It’s exhausting.

For those of you who have parents also in love with the Tug-A-Jug, here are some tips:

  1. Be very hungry. This gets food out faster.
  2. Bring it to a rug. This also gets food out faster.
  3. Turn it upside-down. It has something to do with that string. Try stepping on it and pulling. Your parents might think that’s cute, too.
  4. Eat the food as fast as it comes out.
  5. Keep it away from cats. I don’t think it could do anything bad to them, but you never want your cats near your food. THEY MIGHT TAKE IT!

Good luck, y’all.

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