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6 Reasons to Have a Cat.

1. It means you always have really soft fur available for you to sink your face into. At the appropriate, pre-approved times. And given that there is no stretching, lounging, sleeping, sun absorbing, water drinking, speech making or eating to do.

Hello Kitty Cat

Having a cat does not mean you get to do this.

If that is the case, please come back later.

2. It means there’s always someone at home waiting for you. To get their dinner. Meow. now MEOWNOWMEOW

3. It means you’ll always be needed. Er, kneaded. And compensated appropriately in priceless purrs.

4. It means there will always be someone who sees right through your b.s.

5. It means there’s someone who—despite #’s 1-4—is still very, very loving.

6. It means there’s always, always, always at least one intellectually superior being in your home.

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