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6, maybe 7, ways your dog saves you money.

Dog with money1. Lower medical bills. Studies show: people who have dogs are healthier than those who do not. Their blood pressure tends to be lower, their cholesterol is lower, and they suffer from fewer medical ailments than people without dogs. Added bonus: Dogs can not help us physically; they are also being trained to help us mentally as well. Dogs are now able to assist people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression, hopping up on your lap and laying their head on your shoulder when they sense your stressed.

2. Guaranteed, free Saturday entertainment. Who needs a movie when you’ve got a dog? From ROFL comedies to outrageous dramedies, pets work to entertain their parents 24-19/7. Some scenes are funny and others not so much, but there are Oscar-winning performances going on in our houses daily. Added bonus: Because you’re spending more Saturday nights “in,” you’ll save money on entertainment AND on meals–which will tend to be healthier, by the way. And what about that family bond?

3. Free workouts. No need for a costly gym membership; Rosie will make sure you get your cardio in. And research says you’re more likely to stick with a workout routine over time if you have a buddy. (What if it’s your best buddy?)

happy dog happy to be on a walk

Love the one you're (working out) with, and you're more likely to work out.

Added bonus: If just having a workout friend increases the chances of your exercising, then having one who kindly asks/pleads and/or makes sad eyes at you until you exercise can only increase your chances more. All for less than the cost of a trainer or a gym membership, and, conveniently, right in your backyard. Or on your couch.

Admit it; you want to pet her.

4. Instant friends. (Okay, so this doesn’t directly save you money, but it does save you time—and you know what they say about time and money.) No matter if you have a superstar dog or not; even the scruffiest, smelliest hound can make a person go “Awww.” And if your dog looks even a tiny bit friendly, people will stop and say hello. Want even more friends? Head to a dog park. Added bonus: Get past the small talk faster, as you already know you have something (or someone) in common with these folks.

5. Decreased water consumption. Though some may take sanitary issue with this, they cannot deny the “green” value in having your dog—rather than your tap—pre-wash dishwasher-bound dishes. Added bonus: Dogs are happy to clean difficult-to-clean recyclables, too (Just try getting those peanut butter or tomato sauce cleaner than a dog does; I dare you.)

6. Lower heat bills.

Enough said. “Middletons” comic strip by Ralph Dunagin and Dana Summers. Copyright 2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

7. (Select dogs only) The best vacuum in the world. We call ours the Houndcuumcleaner. Pups like these have schnozes that seek out the strayest of crumbs in the tiniest of corners, sometimes invisible to the human eye. They’ll hoover foodstuffs up immediately, sometimes before impact. Added bonus: This vacuum empties itself when full.

How does your dog save you money?

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