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Party like a dog.


dogs and cats get their birthday party on

I promise not to be a birthday dogzilla.

Though I need no excuse to eat, my mom needs an excuse to have people over. So I’m getting a birthday party this year. Bark!


First up: invitations. And there’s no shortage of options. In fact, the pet party invite industry appears to have exploded. I‘m hoping to get me some edible cards, too.

Step two: venue. Our backyard? The local dog park? The barking bakery room? Undecided as yet. Perhaps you have other ideas?

Next, activities. A puppy pool is a must. I’m vying to bob for biscuits, but mom says that may not be fair. (Huh?) A ball bin will be a hoot. And paw painting with food coloring? I can’t wait. Johann the dog has a great list of party games, too. Though peeps should be naturally entertained by us pups, mom’s considering hiring a photographer or a sketch artist. The Original Butt Sketch Artist would be ideal, all things considered.

designed dog party hat

Birthday suits? Bah. Customize this chien chapeau 15 different ways.


And FOOD. Oh boy oh boyohboyohboy. Cookies, cakes–you can make your own or order from a bakery– but this is important. As in, the sole reason for having a party. In fact, if you want to skip all the other stuff and just give me a bunch of food, I’m cool with that.

Since my toy chest is overflowing (though not literally, because toys tend to be on the floor rather than in the chest), I’ll request that any gifts go to a local shelter. See? I share. Just not food.

Last, but not least, are favors. We like the dog bowl favors— you can have them personalized with all the names of your partygoers.

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