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An Open Letter to My Puppy

Flannery Dean’s “letter” in the new issue of BARK is hilariously good. If/when they have it up on the Web, I’ll share. But here’s a small snippet from “An Open Letter to My Puppy”:

golden lab puppy

Dearest Puppy, It's a good thing for both of us that you're cute.

“Alvy, I owe you an apology… That Google search–‘how to sedate + puppy‘—was just me goofing around. I would never have done it for real… I swear to god, I have no idea how Children’s Benadryl got into your water dish. I don’t even have children!”

“I’m sorry that sometimes I forget you’re a dog and not a baby. The BabyBjorn was absolutely too much, I agree (It’s in the closet with your bonnet and sleeper, if you were wondering. But just so you know: that sailor suit you tore to shreds wasn’t cheap.”


Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday

beagle puppy with head tilted



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Puppy begins with “p.”

My mom has been filming “That.” (She calls That “Wilma” or “My puppy!” or similar sickysweet things.)  But today, the joke’s on her…

Look Who’s Coming For (My) Dinner.

Wilma, a Beagle puppy

Great, just great. This is “Wilma,” and my Mom and Dad have added her to our pack. Yeah, yeah, she’s cute. But–really– is there enough food for the both of us?

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